Baesics: Run Hard After God. If Anyone Catches Up, Introduce Yourself-Wamboye


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To say finding a life partner is an important decision is an understatement. No other person has the propensity to affect your life – for the better or for the worse – more than the person you marry. For this reason, it is important that the person you call your lifetime “bae” or spouse is fit for the journey up ahead. Even better, it is important that you are equally equipped for the journey that ensues till death do you part. But where do you start on the journey to finding yourself and to finding love? Only the author of marriage can provide you with the design plan. Through personal stories, no-nonsense advice, and biblical exposition, Baesics urges you to commit yourself wholeheartedly to Christ, find your identity and purpose before you find a partner, and set appropriate sexual and emotional boundaries. It addresses the world’s myths about what makes one a man or a woman, how to handle temptations such as lust, and how to deal with emotional wounds. Learn the basics for choosing your bae so you can lay a biblical foundation for your love life and the marriage you desire.


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