Can a Christian Be Cursed? – By Godwin O. Adeboye


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The belief in curses is widespread in Africa, impacting the lived reality of both Christians and non-Christians alike. In this book, Godwin Adeboye provides practical, biblical, and contextual guidelines for addressing the African conception of cursing, and for ministering to the fear and confusion such cursing elicits. He argues that African evangelical theology must begin by understanding, and valuing, the unique experiences of African Christians if it is to offer relevant answers to the real dilemmas they face. To this end, Adeboye draws on African traditional beliefs, empirical research, and the teachings of popular African pastors to provide insight into the religious and cultural contexts of the contemporary African church. Against this backdrop, he explores biblical passages on cursing and utilizes the evangelical positions on biblical authority, the atonement, personal conversion, and active mission to evaluate cultural beliefs and bring them into alignment with the gospel.

While this text is an excellent resource for students of theology, missiology, and biblical or cultural studies, it is also immensely practical and deeply pastoral. Ultimately, it is a book to empower believersto confront their fear of curses equipped with the truth of Scripture.


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