Gospel People: A Call for Evangelical Integrity-Reeves


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A Biblical Case for the Importance and Goodness of Being “Evangelical”

The term evangelical is often poorly defined and frequently comes with cultural and political baggage. As the label has become more controversial, many Christians have begun to wonder if they should abandon it altogether.

Michael Reeves argues from a global, scriptural, and historical perspective that, while it’s not necessary to discard the label altogether, Christians must return to the root of the term—the evangel, or “gospel”—in order to understand what it truly means. He identifies the theology of evangelicalism and its essential doctrine—the Father’s revelation in the Bible, the Son’s redemption in the gospel, and the Spirit’s regeneration of the heart—calling believers to stand with integrity as people of the gospel.

  • A Biblical and Theological Explanation of Evangelicalism: Rooted in Scripture and the writings of figures throughout church history
  • Globally-Minded: Explores evangelical theology and distinctives outside of narrow cultural definitions
  • Brief and Accessible: Written for both lay people and church leaders


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