In the Fullness of Time-Gaffin


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An Exegetical Study of the Book of Acts and Pauline Theology

Christians often skip a crucial starting point when studying the apostle Paul: the foundations of his deeply nuanced theology. Some studies on the book of Acts attempt to touch on every major theme in Paul’s letters, making them difficult to understand or prone to leaving out important nuances. Christians need a biblical, theological, and exegetically grounded framework to thoroughly understand Paul’s theology.

In this book, Richard B. Gaffin Jr. gives readers an accessible introduction to Acts and Paul. Building on a lifetime of study, Gaffin teaches on topics including the redemptive-historical significance of Pentecost; eschatology; and the fulfillment of redemptive history in the death and resurrection of Christ. In the Fullness of Time is an exegetical “textbook” for pastors, students, and lay leaders seeking to learn more about Acts and Paul from a Reformed and evangelical perspective.

  • Explores the Foundations of Paul’s Theology: Offers a nuanced look at the core of Paul’s thinking
  • Wide-Ranging Audience: A valuable study for pastors, theology students, and lay leaders
  • Thorough Yet Accessible: An in-depth look at Pauline theology that’s accessible to readers


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