Letters To A Romantic: First Years of Marriage- Perron & Harmon



The first years of marriage are filled with joys, sorrows . . . and surprises. These will set relationship patterns that will determine the course of your marriage. As you begin your life together, you probably have some questions, and you know the stakes are high. We want to help.

If you want to navigate the early years of your marriage in a way that glorifies Christ and honors his Word, this book will be a great resource for getting a conversation going. In a series of warm, short, practical letters, Sean Perron and Spencer Harmon, along with their wives, Jenny and Taylor, guide you and your spouse through common “firsts”: major choices like deciding when to start a family, the everyday details of establishing holy household habits, and concerns raised by common sexual issues in marriage.

Open these pages to lay a foundation for a healthy and God-honoring lifelong relationship.


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