Nothing Is Impossible With God-Rose Miller


The Power of Weakness No one likes to feel weak. Just thinking about our inadequate resources can fill us with fear and hopelessness. But Rose Marie Miller has a different perspective. For her, true weakness is a gift–born out of a deep sense of need, it drives us to Jesus Christ and unleashes all the redeeming energy of God’s grace in our lives and others’.

Rose Marie Miller, a living example of God’s power in weakness, weaves together biblical insights and personal experience and shares a new, gospel-driven way of living where the way up is down, the weak become strong, and the dead receive life. God, for whom nothing is impossible, uses weak people to change the world and that includes you!

Rose Marie Miller will help you understand that your weakness is a blessing from God that can be used as a powerful tool to help the world and therefore there is nothing to be afraid of when feeling weak.

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