Planting Churches Cross-Culturally 2nd Edt-David J. Hesselgrave


Ministry training often emphasizes expanding on the work of existing ministries to the neglect of addressing the difficulties of planting new churches in North America and around the world. This volume provides a practical, thorough, biblical, and inspirational corrective.

Incorporating relevant sociological, anthropological, and historical insights, Hesselgrave extrapolates ten phases of cross-cultural church planting that are faithful to Jesus’ commandment to make disciples and to Paul’s missionary example.

Pastors and college- and seminary-level church growth courses have used the first edition of this text for nearly twenty years. This second edition draws on more recent literature, offers refined arguments, and highlights Paul’s ministry pattern. In addition, many charts, graphs, and forms bolster Hesselgrave’s skillful description of effective cross-cultural church planting.

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