Redeeming Weddings-Joseph Okoth


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At a time when the cost of weddings likely causes more young people to shy away from marriage than marriage fears and same sex attraction combined, this book is unquestionably a timely response to many silent prayers and growing outcries. With a commendable reliance of the scriptures, Joseph details what the right motivation for wedding should be; what he essentials of a wedding are-many may find what they are not utterly surprising; and practical ways one could plan an unconventional, Christ-exalting wedding successfully. Herein is a perfect guide to swimming against the tide of flawed cultural, societal, and even ‘Christian’ norms both with boldness and grace. No one who hears in many different ways that “the most joyful wedding is the one with the most joyful couple, not the most glam” will foolishly break the bank-and their hearts-because of a wedding. To honor God, Joseph argues, is a wedding’s chief purpose, and no doubt a wedding’s surest source of joy


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