Social Media Pressure by Perritt


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Statistics show that we (especially teens) spend most of our waking hours on screens, without a lot of direction on managing our online life. In this devotional, John Perritt, a longtime youth pastor, will guide you in making sure that your relationship with God remains at the center of your life without letting your phone take over.

The devotionals address social media pressures including the fear of missing out, comparing yourself with others, being bullied, and even being addicted. They will help you interact with social media in a way that is sensible, smart, and even biblical, while at the same time finding the peace that comes with walking alongside Jesus.

Social Media Pressure is the second book in the Devotions for Teenagers series.

Helps uncover the underlying reasons for the pressures experienced by interacting online.
Each devotional includes an “Alongside Practice” that encourages specific, healthy habits that will bring peace in daily life.
Encourages conversations with trusted adults, aka “Alongsiders,” to read, discuss, and pray about the truths of each devotion with you.


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