Sociology Through The Eyes of Faith-Fraser


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Two respected and popular sociologists offer a Christian view of sociology, the social science that examines the worlds of culture, customs, and organization. Frazer and Campolo explore the following questions and issues:
* Does sociology address questions once answered by Christianity?
* How did sociology and the Christian faith become divided?
* What gifts does sociology bear for humanity and for Christianity?
* Why do sociology and faith often seem mutually exclusive?
* Is a Christian sociology possible?
* What tools and concepts are available for thinking “Christianly” about society?
The authors facilitate a “conversation” between sociology and Christianity about our “commonly shared social world” so that there might be “more fair play in our societal affairs and more people obtaining a fair share of the goods of this life and of the age to come.”
Cosponsored by the Christian College Coalition, Sociology Through the Eyes of Faith clearly and colorfully helps students and teachers understand how sociology has evolved and how Christian sociologists can make sense of it so that the interchange between Christian faith and sociology is not a “dialogue of the deaf.”


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