Stand Firm – John MacArthur


As the believer’s understanding of spiritual truth deepens and he develops godly affections, the attraction of the former, sinful life fades.

The Christian life is a war for holiness. Our calling to be set apart lands us in the crosshairs of a culture that opposes God’s truth. Even as the world around us is changing, our battle remains the same. To withstand the temptation to compromise in sin or retreat from suffering, Christians must hold fast to God’s Word. Only then can we live well for the Lord.

In Stand Firm: Living in a Post-Christian Culture, Dr. John MacArthur drafts biblical battle plans for maintaining a life of Christian faithfulness. God has revealed what kind of people we are to be in a hostile world, and by His Word and Spirit, He supplies us with everything we need to persevere in holiness, humility, and love.

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