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Why Suffering Exists: God’s Purpose for Pain in the Life of Job and throughout Scripture

Why does God allow suffering? The pain of suffering can be overwhelmingly mysterious, but the Bible does provide answers. Throughout Scripture, God allows trials in order to accomplish specific purposes in the lives of his people. When faced with suffering they experience spiritual growth; repentance from sin; or, as in the Old Testament story of Job, the chance to demonstrate devotion to God in the face of inexplicable agony.

In Suffering Wisely and Well, Eric Ortlund explores different types of trials throughout Scripture, revealing the spiritual purpose for each and reassuring readers with God’s promise of restoration. The majority of the book focuses on Job, one of the most well-known yet misunderstood stories of suffering. Ortlund thoughtfully analyzes the text chapter by chapter, including the doubt of Job’s friends, God’s response to Job’s questions, and the meaning behind important imagery including references to Leviathan and Behemoth. Suffering Wisely and Well shows readers how to deepen their relationship with God during painful experiences in their own lives and how to comfort others who are hurting.

  • Explores Lament and Redemption in Scripture: Helps readers understand how to interpret suffering from a Christian perspective
  • Applicable: Each chapter ends with a “What Have We Learned?” summary
  • Biblical Advice on Grief and Support: Teaches Christians how to avoid blame or legalism when addressing the suffering of others


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