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Since 1914 Cambridge has published The Elements of New Testament Greek, a bestselling textbook for scholars and students of the Bible. The original book by Nunn was replaced and succeeded in 1965 by J. W. Wenham’s book of the same title; now Jeremy Duff has produced a new book to continue this long-established tradition into the twenty-first century.

Learning Greek is a journey of many steps. In this book each of these steps is explained clearly, and reviewed using questions and exercises. Lessons are ordered so the most important aspects of Greek are learnt first, and the vocabulary consists of the most commonly occurring words in the New Testament. Over 1,500 practice questions and exercises (with answers) cover every book of the New Testament and there is a New Testament passage to translate in almost every chapter. Free software and teaching resources can be obtained from the book’s website. 354 pages, from Cambridge University Press.


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