The Restoration of God’s Dwelling and Kingdom – by Peter Nyende


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The church in Africa is thriving, both numerically and in its boldness and fervour. Yet the challenge of African folk Christianity – a Christianity shaped more by traditional beliefs than the Bible – continues to loom large, and there remains an acute need for life and faith to be biblically informed.

In this introduction to biblical theology, Prof. Peter Nyende draws from nearly two decades of experience teaching the next generation of African church leaders. Maintaining the vital importance of a holistic understanding of Scripture and its unified nature, he presents the central story of both Old and New Testaments as the restoration of God’s dwelling and kingdom in the world. He traces this narrative through its many stages of development – creation and fall, God’s covenants with Israel, exile – to its ultimate fulfilment in Jesus, the church and the new Jerusalem.

Though written with pastors and theological students in mind, this book is accessible to any who desire to increase their biblical literacy and partner more fully with the work of God and his kingdom.


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