Treasure In The Ashes-Nicewander. Brookins


Treasure in the Ashes is an interactive workbook that gently leads readers on a biblical journey through the grueling questions and doubt, emotional turmoil, and relational fallout that follow sexual abuse.

This book encourages honest and thorough Christ-centered discipleship through the aftermath of sexual abuse, addressing hard questions and painful issues that are feared and often denied by the Christian community. People using this resource will…

  • Learn to push against shame by giving voice to their stories in a safe setting;
  • Address doubts and questions they harbor about God, and learn to consider Scripture’s rich, bold worldview on the subject;
  • Apply the gospel of Jesus Christ and learn the importance of His character and grace-filled sacrifice to them personally;
  • Be introduced to a biblical self-image, and challenged to gain hope by defining themselves and their purpose in Christ;
  • Learn how to apply the gospel to their relationships with four basic biblical principles;
  • Learn to embrace their story as part of the larger story of redemption and reach out to others with the hope of Jesus.
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