God’s Gospel: Making Him Known by Jill Nelson


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We often think about what our children will inherit from those who have gone before them.

But what about the one inheritance that will last forever?

Christian parents have already faced the reality of their own sin, helplessness, and need for a Savior. And, though our young children’s lives often seem simpler than ours, their spiritual predicament is every bit as real. They are never too young to hear God’s good news for them as they face eternity—but as a parent, you may be wondering how to explain it to them in a way they can understand.

Jill Nelson demonstrates that even young children can learn about the gospel—not just in general, but in full detail! In this illustrated guide for parents to read with five- through ten-year-old children, she lays out God’s plan of salvation, starting with his very first designs for creation and moving through what went wrong, how important and hopeless our situation truly is, and what the wonderful news of our Savior’s sacrifice means for us.

Don’t just prepare your children for this life—prepare them for the one that matters most!


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